Meet The Trustees



Jane Plastow in Keren, Eritrea 2011

Jane Plastow:  Jane is a Professor of African Theatre at the University of Leeds and has been travelling and working in Eritrea since Independence in the early 1990′s. Jane’s work in Eritrea and with Masters Degree students in Leeds has resulted in her having many friends and contacts in the country.

She is loved and respected by the people of Bogu for the work that both she and John Holmes have done to improve their school.


Will Nyerere Plastow

William Nyerere Plastow:

Jane’s son Will has recently graduated from Cambridge University, where he was reading Anthropology. Will has travelled widely in Africa all his life and has a special interest in Bogu.  He has visited Eritrea with his mum since he was a child and  is keen to continue his involvement.

Sian Virk (left) with Jo Gray walking into Bogu in 2011

Sian Virk:

Sian is a part-time English teacher and has four children.

She became involved in the trust in 2010 and has taken part part in all the subsequent trips as well as organising fundraising activities here in the UK.


Sat Virk completing the charity bike ride 2011

 Sat Virk:

Sat is a company director and co-founder of TPP and has supported the trust for a number of years.

He helped to develop the trust’s website and took part in the 2012 trip to the village as an IT specialist to oversee the relocation of the pcs to the new building.

Jo Fordham with the 2010 team and some of the teachers from Bogu village school

Jo Fordham:

Jo is a Cambridge graduate with many years of experience as a project manager in IT.

She took part in the 2010 trip to Eritrea helping the teachers master basic computer skills on the new pcs.

Jo has maintained her involvement with the trust ever since.

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