Breaking News!

  • The Trustee visit to Eritrea in February 2015 was a great success!  Jane, Sian & Sian’s daughter Lowri spent a week visiting both Bogu and another school, which desperately needs help.
  • We saw the completed rainwater harvester & paid for a government tanker to fill it while we were there.  The harvester was built by the villagers themselves using material and solar pumps bought by the Trust.
  • We visited a new school in the village of Sharki, not far from Keren, which is very isolated.  They do not have enough classrooms or desks.  There is no electricity and the water pump is broken.
  • We have agreed to fund the building of a new classroom in Sharki.
  • We also agreed to buy new desks for both new and existing classrooms.
  •  The village committee in Bogu told us that they are having great problems retaining teachers at the school because their living conditions in the village are so poor.
  • We have agreed to pay for the teachers’ rooms to be substantially improved and furnished properly.
  • It was wonderful to see the school painted so smartly, with concrete floors, newly white-washed walls and brand new desks.  
  • You can see pictures and videos of our trip on our new FaceBook page







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