Liverpool to Leeds

Just 127 Miles!

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On the 25th November 2011, a seven strong group set off from Leeds to Liverpool to take part in a 3 day marathon bike ride back to Leeds along the Leeds-Liverpool canal towpath; a total distance of 127 miles.

The plan was for 3 days of pretty leisurely cycling, reaching the B&B before dark each evening. ¬†Unfortunately, the plan didn’t take into account the time of year, the number of mechanical problems, the hail, rain and gale-force winds and the towpath being a muddy trench for mile upon mile!

High points included getting lost in Wigan trying to find the hotel, eventually arriving at the hotel covered in mud only to be told that the boiler had broken that afternoon so only one of the 6 rooms had hot water and repairing inner tubes in the ladies loo of a pub in Blackburn. However, despite the 14 punctures, numerous falls and failed brakes, the team managed to complete the ride, arriving back in Leeds city centre, wet and muddy around 7pm on Sunday 27th!.

The team has raised almost £4000 through sponsorship, which will complete the build of the new computer room and library in Bogu village. A massive Thank You! to all the people who sponsored us.

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