About Us

The John Holmes Educational Trust for Eritrea is a small charitable trust based in Leeds. The objectives of the trust are to advance the education of the pupils at village schools in Eritrea by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities for education at the schools.

The trust has grown from the initial work of two friends and colleagues from the University of Leeds who, over a number of years, endeavoured to improve educational facilities in the Bogu (Beggu) valley, an isolated area of Eritrea.  Through sponsored runs and half marathons, Jane Plastow and John Holmes raised enough money to provide a small number of computers for the school, a TV and solar panels to power them.

When John suddenly died in 2008, Jane was determined to continue the work they had started.  In 2011, with five trustees, we achieved Charitable Trust status and now rely completely on the work of the trustees and other supporters to raise money for each project through sponsored activities, charity dinners and donations.

You can see more details of our most recent projects and achievements on our FaceBook page:


If you would like to help, please contact us via email or FaceBook.



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